Incoming – The Dirtsheet! Every Friday at 9 pm GMT

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

The premise of the dirtsheet is simple…Friday night at 2100 GMT. You give me five minutes and I will give you all my predictions for the gameweek ahead. No frills, no fancy graphics, just the information YOU need to see where you are at for the upcoming game week.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see in The Dirtsheet!

– The Eleven
In The Eleven, I list my personal picks for the week in a formation that I feel has the best chance of showcasing the most threatening players. No crazy differentials, just the eleven fantasy players who I think have the best chance of doing well for this gameweek and this gameweek alone. I follow the team selection rules of the FPL game so you won’t see 1-2-7 formations or find 8 players from the one team! Use it in tandem with your own intuition as well as predictions from all the other fantasy premier league sites to get a better sense of who are the best picks for the week. I’m not a prophet, I’m just a guy that places in the top few thousand in the world every year who has an opinion 🙂

– The Captain
Of all the players selected in The Eleven, I give you my pick for captain for the gameweek. Again, no differentials will be found here, just the person who I think is the best captain choice overall for the gameweek. Again, this is just my prediction.

– The Clean Sheets
Clean Sheets have become much harder to predict but that won’t stop me from trying to eek out a few picks for the upcoming gameweek.

– The UNusual Suspects
I have avoided differentials throughout the rest of The Dirtsheet and have given them a home here. One defender, one midfielder, one striker and one captain pick who might have been overlooked in favour of more obvious picks. If you are chasing a leader and are looking for something a little different, The UNusual Suspects are for you!

So please do check back tonight at 9 pm to see who makes the very first Dirtsheet! In the meantime, please take the time to like me on facebook and follow me on twitter!


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